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Australian Grown, Italian Inspired

consistent, fresh & healthy


Our heritage…

Harvested from the famed soils of Adelaide, Australian′s own little patch of the Mediterranean, our skilled growers gather and process the premium fruits that deliver the richest, most consistently delectable olive oils promoting positive health and pleasing aromas.


Why Extra Virgin?

In the 1850’s 'Extra virgin olive oil' (EVOO) could only be found in chemists and was solely used for medicinal purposes.

Today we understand the importance, and contributing health benefits that associate cooking with EVOO.

EVOO is considered to be the highest grade of olive oil, produced from the pressing of good quality olives.

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Our online exclusive gift packs

You may browse our broad range of oils from the comfort of your own home, have a read through the product descriptions to understand the tastes of each product.


Flavour everything with evoo and love

Our tradition has always been about sharing foods and flavors, there is a powerful connection of memories through the distinctive taste of foods

Take advantage of our complimentary community of shared recipes.